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We are an independently owned and operated London based business founded to meet the every-day fashion needs of the Immigrant and tourist African community, first in the UK and around the world. We offer a self-branded selection of creative, contemporary and unique African inspired fashion, including: clothing, accessories, shoes and other fashion apparels, for men, women and children. Whether for Parties, Weddings, work, nativity, casual, prom, evening occasion, thanks giving, church services, we are readily available for our customers. We also offer CJ Glam exclusive virtual or in-person styling sessions, with wardrobe consultation.


Furo Abiayi

Our Values

CJ Glam is family inspired, founded on the guiding principles passed down by our much-loved Parents, Cecilia and Johnson: Kindness. Honesty. Passion. Equality. Love. These are our core values and remain at the center of our existence, they will always guide our decisions and actions.

Our Promise

To give our customers the most comfortable, confident, unique and unforgettable fashion experience the ever desired. To deliver to our customers’ door steps within three days when orders are made from our selection of private bespoke designs. To be there for you at a most affordable rate, within your budget, when you need a new look, a new wardrobe or when it’s that time to discover and celebrate the real you.

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To learn more about CJGlam, contact us today and let one of our experienced customer service representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to become a part of the CJGlam online community today!

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About us

Our Vision

CJ Glam brings innovation and imagination to customer by making variety of choices in fashion.

Furo Abiayi


CJ Glam
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